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Plans for Domination Etc

URL:  www.mollyhunterkorroch.com (Although there will probably be some sort of /historyofhoney sort thing added.)

Description:  A visual story on the process of making mead.


  • To learn how to tell a story in this way. I’m very interested in pursuing other visually stimulating story topics that can be told in this manner.
  • Explain how mead is made in the most aesthetically pleasing manner possible
  • Easy to use and understand

Audience: People who are curious, foodies, anyone who enjoys aesthetically pleasing things


  • Make and edit still photos and “Cinemagraphs”
  • Research and write story
  • Create “slideshow” using jQuery– a prettier one than the test project. I realize the issues will be creating a slideshow of automatically playing mp4 files. I’ve found ways to do this via jQuery plugins.
  • Use CSS and HTML to upload and style the text overlaying the slideshow


  • The slideshow–I’m hoping for a vertical slideshow, but we’ll see what I can finagle
  • Start and stop video motion. (Although hopefully it’ll run on a loop and you can’t tell when it begins and ends. Again, this may be a high hope.)
  • Fade in of text
  • Possible sound behind the still pictures (but, I’m going to film all this later this week and it depends if I found cool clean sounds.)
  • Also hoping to implement some responsive design elements–again it will depend on the video situation


  • I will probably end up using the WordPress Twentyseventeen theme, because it’s the most simple.
  • I won’t have the infinite scroll
  • Most likely, I will be dismantling many of the aspects and just keeping it like a simple webpage–a file under my main website that can be visited and cross-posted onto social media, etc.

Final Pitch – Profile/Portfolio

Goals: For my final project, I have decided that I’d really like to add on to my current website and make it a portfolio/profile page about myself for potential future employers. I want to make this kind of website page because I believe that as a Public Relations professional, it is crucial to have some sort of landing page that speaks to your skills – not only from a communications perspective, but from a coding/web design perspective (especially when I can say that I have designed the page myself!). The audience of this page will be current and future coworkers, my networks, visitors to my LinkedIn page, and future employers who will view my page through an application submission. I hope that this will make me look like a robust and mature professional in my career, to be able to provide a landing page for easy-to-access content to my resume, portfolio, and more.

Audience: The audience of this page will be current and future coworkers, my networks, visitors to my LinkedIn page, and future employers who will view my page through an application submission. I hope that this will make me look like a robust and mature professional in my career, to be able to provide a landing page for easy-to-access content to my resume, portfolio, and more.

How I’ll Achieve My Goals:

Theme: Lighthouse

Track: I will be doing mostly front-end modifications, with some back end tweaking.

Planned Modifications:

  • A contact form in the footer of each page that will send an email to me alerting me of the submission.
  • Display an embedded document (my resume) on my website.
  • Add images of me and my previous work.
  • I will add link to my social media accounts as a way for website visitors to find me.
  • Add a Google font to make the text more unique and interesting.
  • Hover over menu options at the top of the screen in a particular color.
  • Add a Google map displaying my international work and travel.
  • Additional theme, color, and design element changes, including modifications to the navigation bar.

URL: lucynegash.com

Final Project Pitch Post: A Running Blog — and Digital Accountability Partner

For my final project, I’d like to create a personal site about one of my hobbies — running. I started running two years ago, and my goal is to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) in 2018.

I am pursuing this topic for my final project because I feel as though I need something to hold me accountable to actually go running consistently. I am envisioning this site as a place where I can track all of my training runs, my favorite routes, photos, and details about my past and upcoming races.

Some of the customizations and features that I’d like to build into my site include a page where I can discuss my training, a custom post type to track the different details of my runs, and a widget or plugin that connects to my Strava profile and shows my recent running routes.


  • The goal of my final project site will be to serve as a means to hold me accountable to run consistently as I begin my marathon training journey. The earliest I would run a marathon would be March 2018, and I don’t need to actually start training to run 26.2 miles until about four months before the race, but I’d like to build up my baseline fitness, strength, and speed in the meantime.
  • A second goal is to gain a readership made up of both new and experienced runners and anyone who enjoys or is interested in the sport of running, and to foster conversation among this community.
  • My third and final goal is to use this site to demonstrate my basic understanding of web development principles and the WordPress platform.


My site’s audience will include my friends and family who want to keep up with my progress, as well as like-minded running enthusiasts who are seeking information and motivation. I’d love to tailor my site around living and running in Washington, D.C., which might make my target audience more specific to runners who live in the D.C. metro area or other urban areas.

How I’ll Achieve My Goals: 

  • I plan to have different pages on my site, including a page called Run, which will feature recaps of my runs using the custom post type I will create — as well as an About Me page and a Contact page where readers can submit questions, comments, and ideas.
  • I will also link my Strava profile — where I currently track all of my runs — to my site, so that my readers can see my recent and past running routes.
  • I will customize my chosen WordPress theme with new colors and font types. 

Theme: Retina


I plan to make several modifications and customizations to my site that are client-side and server-side, so I will pursue the full-stack track. My planned modifications are listed below.

Planned Modifications: 

  • I plan to create a child theme so that I can make changes to the colors and fonts on my site.
  • I will create a custom post type called “Run” with a custom metabox called “Run Details.”
  • I will render four custom fields within the metabox, including neighborhood, distance, date, and time. The latter two fields will indicate the date and time that my run actually occurred on, and will be separate from the date and time stamps that are already included on each published post. This will allow me to closely track the details about each of my runs.
  • I will create categories called “Training Run” and “Race” to distinguish these types of posts from more general blog posts.
  • I will install a text widget on the main sidebar of my site using shortcode from my Strava profile to show my most recent running routes.
  • I will add a plugin for a contact form, as well as social media contact buttons.

URL: www.therunningglover.com

My site will be called The Running (G)lover, which is a play on both my last name and the topic of my site. People are constantly mispronouncing my last name — it rhymes with lover, not clover — and so in addition to my site being a digital accountability partner, I’m hoping it will help people to learn the correct pronunciation of my name (and of the Glover Park neighborhood where I also live — it’s pronounced like the word “glove” with an “r” on the end!).

Final Pitch – Recipe Blog

For my final project I plan to build a recipe site with rotating pictures, cooking instructions, a Q&A section for recipe requests, a search function, and (potentially) a rating button.

This would be a niche interest page intended for anyone that enjoys cooking and is searching for new, fun recipes. I have always enjoyed cooking and, although I don’t claim to be an expert, I have a ton of good recipes that family and friends are always asking for. I think this site will be a fun project for me and something I would be proud to share and continue working on once our class is finished.

Jane’s Final Pitch

Pitch for Final Project

I have been traveling more and more frequently in the past few years, and keep telling myself that I should blog about it. Well… what a perfect opportunity! So for my final project, I plan on creating a personal travel blog for my final project. It will include pictures of places I’ve been as well as stories, reflections, and reviews or recommendations.


  • Create a unique and personalized travel blog that is responsive and dynamic
  • Program an interactive world map with pins of places I have been and plan to go
  • Link to my Google calendar, “Upcoming Trips”
  • Gather info from visitors on where they live and ask them to share their favorite place ever traveled to
While I would love anyone interested in learning more about the places I go to read my blog, I’m realistic and assume it will mostly serve as a memory journal for myself and a “what’s Jane up to these days” resource for close friends and family. But I will develop the site for all world explorers.
How I’ll achieve my goals:
  • I will select a theme within WordPress and manipulate the HTML and CSS to develop my blog, including creating a child theme.
  • I will upload photos I have taken during my trips and write stories about my adventures.
  • In searching Google and WP plugins, I have seen a few interactive maps that are similar to what I have in mind. I am hoping I will be able to play around with PHP to get something to my liking.
  • I’ll need to find a calendar plugin that links to iCal.
Theme: Writee
Track: Front-end and a little back-end;)
Planned modifications:
  • I plan to play around a lot with the style of my site, including changing font colors and sizes, adjusting opacity of overlays, and changing background colors. I will also likely need to fix spacing.
  • Find and manipulate a plugin for an interactive world map that allows me to select a city, drop a pin, and link the pin to one of my posts. I want the pin to look like a colorful sewing pin, not the Google bubble, so wish me luck!
  • Alter a comment box plugin to include fields for where the person lives and their favorite place ever traveled to.
  • Find and activate a plugin that links to my Google calendar and make some modifications for look and feel.
URL: www.lifesurfeited.com




Final Project Pitch

What’s it About: For my final project, I will be creating a combination of a personal site and a food blog. On my personal/food blog site, I will feature posts about recipes I’ve made, tricks I’ve learned along the way, as well as my personal thoughts on a variety of issues (food, TV, shopping, cooking, etc.). For example, I want to be able to include the following on my blog: my resume, my aspirations, an about me section, links to my social media accounts, recipe of the week, recipe of the month, and reactions to popular TV shows. In order to attract a larger audience, I will also curate content from external sources and will be hyperlinking to other sources. My post types will include: blog posts, pictures, videos, and quotes. I hope to be able to customize my site to be very interactive and keep audiences engaged while they’re on my site. While I want to focus more on the backend, I also want to keep in mind the user’s experience.

I’m looking forward to working on this final project for several reasons. First, I have always wanted to start a personal blog of some sort and have never gotten around to it. Secondly, I’m a foodie and totally obsessed with food, the Food Network, Insider, Tasty, you name it. I own more cookbooks than any 25-year old should. So, I want to be able to bridge my various interests and hobbies and combine them into a cohesive site. Finally, in the future, I want to be able to point potential employers to a side project I’ve worked on and developed. I think it will show how the skills I’ve learned both in this class and the Georgetown PRCC program have helped me become a well-rounded PR and communications professional.

Audience: I see my audience being millennial women in the DC area between the ages of 18-25. The way I envision my final project to be should speak to women in the area of a similar age and keep them engaged and entertained for the duration of the time they’re on the site.

  • To build an interactive site with compelling content
  • To bring other DC women to my site interested in reality TV (sorry!), cooking, and food!!
How I’ll achieve my goals:
  • By updating my website with various content that the audience can interact with. For example, creating an integration (or plugin) to my Instagram account.
  • By allowing for the audience to like, comment and share my conent
  • By linking out to other dynamic sites and giving my opinion on recipes and restaurant
  • By incorporating go-to and new DC, VA and MD restaurant reviews
Theme: Kale
Track: ?
Planned modifications:
  • Addition of plugins:
    • 1. Instagram feed
    • 2. Contact Form
  • Creation of a child theme that will include updating the front-end capabilities including the fonts, and layout of the page.
  • Creating 3 post types for different types of content: (these will include custom fields that are applicable to each post type)
    • Recipe
    • Restaurant Review
    • TV Review
URL: threecheersfourfood.com
**I’m open to any and all suggestions! Let me know how to make this website even better!**

Final Project Idea

For my final project, I’d like to create a site that serves as a story. (Sort of like North or Choice and Chance.)

A good friend of mine works at a meadery–where they make mead. I want to go there and take video and photographs of the process then basically create a full-page slide show with text over it.

Particular challenges will be the automatic start and stop of the video clips and making the video and photographs fill an entire screen (depending on the screen). I’ve looked up different methods though, and I think I can do it. I think there will be about ten slides, and some sound.

I plan to check out the fancy cameras from school and head down to my friend’s and take some of the video. They’ll be very portrait-like. I’ll just set up the camera on a tripod and let it sit. I want the design to be aesthetic and minimalist.

Audience: Nerds! Really, anyone who enjoys aesthetically pleasing things and history. I really enjoy behind-the-scenes, and I think that’s sort of what this is. I think this is a project that the ladies who run the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class” would find interesting. And their audience.


So, I did it. It was perfectly exactly how I pictured, but I did it. I wish it were more full screen, and I didn’t do any of the cinemagraph stuff because, while it’s super cool, the app I found to do it (so I didn’t have to do it myself via photoshop–with which I have no experience) charges like fifty bucks. And I am poor. But, the version with the watermark is still pretty cool to look at. I just can’t include it.

Final Project Idea

For my final project I am thinking of creating a personal website or a workout website, I haven’t decided yet. For my personal website I would showcase the work I’ve done at Georgetown and High Point University, my resume, as well as some of the work I have done for clients at Sage Communications.

As far as a workout blog, I would think about creating workouts of the day and posting them on a daily basis. As a former division 1 athlete I am always looking for new ways to stay active, and this could be a good way to show others how I vary up my exercise.

The personal website would need to be more professional, and clean cut. For the workout website it could be more scattered with more going on.

WMG Podcasters: Updated Pitch Post

About: Since I already have a portfolio website, I’m going to build a website for the public affairs firm I work at. At the Washington Media Group, I am a digital producer: my primary job is to produce podcasts for all of our clients. To promote our podcasting division, I will be building a website called wmgpodcasters.com.

Audience: The audience for my website will be potential clients that are interested in using our podcast services.

Goals: My boss wants me to be creative so my hope is to use all kinds of HTML, CSS, Javascript, a plugin, soundcloud and video codes and a contact form to highlight the vision of our firm so we can engage in the social-audio space. While building this website will probably be difficult, I imagine it will be rewarding since it will benefit my firm. It honestly is something I could not have done had I not taken this web development course.

How I Will Achieve these Goals/Planned modifications: 

  • I’m going to mainly use front-end because in public relations, we like to wow people with our appearances, especially since we are building a podcasting division. I am using a dark blue font with different sizes. I’ll use HTML, CSS and Javascript. I don’t see there being as much of a need for back-end or full stack but we will see as I keep experimenting with it.
  • I’m excited to use some of our plugins. I added in our Instagram feed as a plugin so we can incorporate the active work we do on social media. I will also use our custom logo (we have a logo specifically for our podcasting division). For podcasting, I have a section devoted entirely to audio. After reading the theme handbook, I know I will need to embed the audio files and play them back using a simple shortcode. I will probably use mp3 and control the audio player by using “wp-audio-shortcode”. I will also post our promotional video on the homepage. The WordPress video feature will allow me to embed the files and play them back with a simple shortcode. I will use Poster #, Height # and Width # to determine the media. I will probably also use mp4.

Theme: Melos

URL: wmgpodcasters.com

Overall, I am incredibly excited about where this journey will take me. I know there will be lots of challenges, but it will be rewarding.

Final Project

For the final I want to build my dad a website for his business. My dad is a contractor and has needed to put one together for his business. I want to make a site that will showcase his work and also help his business to grow. Once the class is over I’ll hand over the domain to him.

It will need to be interactive but but have a simple and clean look. There will be navigation bar with subheading to each area of the site, a blog with various tips for quick fixes, a contact form for enquirers, and a slideshow of completed works.

  • Promote his work through a easy to use site that both informs visitors and encourages them to contact him.
  • Create a functional site! I’m really excited to build and customize something that will be on the internet and actually work.
Anyone needing electrical, HVAC, water heating, handyman services, etc. in New Jersey and New York. Those using the site will be regular owners and renters of residences and businesses. It will also be a source of information for anyone curious about what makes the light bulbs glow or air conditioners run.
Theme: Twenty Seventeen 
Track: front-end
Planned modifications:
  • Editing child theme: looking for a theme that I like
  • Blog plugin design and functionality
  • Slideshow design and editing
URL: In progress, still working with my dad on this.